meeting Room

We use Skype video conferencing for our meetings. This allows us to share screens, see each other (optional), and record our time together in case we need a refresher later on. It’s super simple to use, but scroll down to see what to expect.

Step 1

Click the Join Meeting button above, then choose Join as Guest, or sign in using your Skype/Microsoft account. If you join as a guest, your guest account will expire after 24 hours, meaning you'll lose access to our chat/video history, but you can always create a new guest account later.

Step 2

Enter your name and click Join. You'll be taking to a private meeting room with the chat option enabled.

Step 3

From here, you have 3 options: 1) Chat 2) Start Call to request a video/screenshare call 3) Click Gallery to upload files, then click the + sign in the sidebar that opens up. Note: While you may see more than one participant, no one can see your chat history, video calls or uploaded files except 2410 Web Design, just as you cannot see anyone else's. This platform is secure & private.

If you’re asked to join a meeting using Zoom, see the videos below for help. Zoom is better if Skype is acting glitchy, but it also requires a couple extra steps to get started.